Devi MGMT understands the realities of the modeling industry and that is why we acknowledge the importance of model development. We are here to fill the gaps of an industry that has the tendency to overlook models' health and overall well-being. Our mission is to not only fulfill the needs of our clients with models who offer the "full package", but we pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive spectrum of health and wellness initiatives for the models we bring to our team. Our goal is to change the status quo, and bring quality and mindfulness to an area that needs it most. Devi MGMT truly understands what it means to find beauty in the complete package.


Alyssa Hiatt
CEO & Co-founder


With experience as a booker and managing relations in the fashion industry, Alyssa quickly saw that there was a gap in the industry. She became passionate in taking the education and experience she gained and turning it into helping models and talent become their best. With a Master's in Communication, focusing on Health Communication, Alyssa teamed up with Dr. Ami Shah to prioritize health within the model and talent management community. Alyssa goes above and beyond when building relationships with both her clients and models. She truly believes that strong health initiatives are much needed in this fast-paced industry and with that, she is committed to directing her talent to only their highest potential.


Dr. Ami Anand Shah


Dr. Ami Anand Shah is a physician, business executive, active practitioner, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Scouted at an early age, Dr. Shah became a model for a well-known agency in NYC and worked her way through medical school. While modeling, she saw other models struggle with the "norms" of the industry. As a physician, female, and mother, Dr. Shah is passionate in helping other models and talent educate and understand the importance of a healthy mind, body, and soul. Offering medical services and health coaching through Devi MGMT's affiliate, Devi Integrative Health, Dr. Shah is committed to integrating health in a much-needed area of the modeling industry.




Obaid Kadwani


"Alyssa and her team really have a great set of values and treat their models like family. It's great as this provides actors with the best tools to go for their dreams. Devi MGMT goes above and beyond to not only provide their clients with the best in the business, but they help guide each of their talent while also keeping their health and well-being in mind."


Daphne Borowski
Fashion Photographer


"Alyssa from Devi MGMT is very professional and a pleasure to work with. They really know the industry. As a fashion photographer who has worked with all types of different clients over the years, I realize it is very important to have management who focuses on all the details of talent management. Their health and wellness division makes all the difference for their models and their success."


Pooja Kumar


"As an experienced actress and producer, who knows the ins and outs of this industry, I can say working with Devi MGMT has been a great experience. Alyssa and Dr. Shah truly care and want the best for each and every talent they sign on. They provide many tools and resources for a healthy living while on the go, as I have worked personally with Dr. Ami Shah and such goals."